E-Book/Consulting Bundle

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E-Book/Consulting Bundle


Having the Information is only half the battle!  Having a personal consult with Dr. Dunaway after reading and implementing the materials covered in this book, will allow you to gain much more progress in a single session as you'll already have a great understanding of the foundational drills.  You can discuss how this applies to your current workouts, off season programming, or helping around old injuries.

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This Bundle Includes:

Dr. Dunaway's E-book : The Skill of being Pain free (The table of contents listed below)

30 minute Personal Skype Consult Session With Dr. Dunaway. During this session you can discuss fitness programming and where prehab plays a role. It will build on the tools discussed in this e-book and will make programming a fix to your problem much easier!


Table of Contents From this Book

ii - How To Read This Book

p.1 - Part 1 Human Function: Beyond Basic Anatomy

        p.2) Series of Articulated Linkages
        p.3) What Your Pain is Telling You
        p.4) Movement Chains

p.5 - Part 2 Breathing and Bracing

        p.5) Neck Stability and Breathing
        p.7) Lumbopelvic Stability and Breathing
        p.8) Breathing and Bracing Application (4 vidoes)

p.10 - Part 3 Body Maintenance Road Map

        p.10) SAS system

p.12 - Part 4 Shoulder routine

        p.12) Stretches (6 videos)
        p.14) Activations (7 videos)
        p. 15) Strengthen (7 videos)

p.18 - Part 5 Hip Routine

        p. 18) Stretches (6 videos)
        p. 20) Activations (7 videos)
        p. 21) Strengthen (7 videos)

p. 24 - My Mount Rushmore