E-Book: Hip and Shoulder Prehab Guide

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E-Book: Hip and Shoulder Prehab Guide


Packed with logical programming advice, 44 videos for example exercises, and loads of content to better understand how the body SHOULD be functioning to support pain free activity.

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Table of Contents From this Book

ii - How To Read This Book

p.1 - Part 1 Human Function: Beyond Basic Anatomy

        p.2) Series of Articulated Linkages
        p.3) What Your Pain is Telling You
        p.4) Movement Chains

p.5 - Part 2 Breathing and Bracing

        p.5) Neck Stability and Breathing
        p.7) Lumbopelvic Stability and Breathing
        p.8) Breathing and Bracing Application (4 vidoes)

p.10 - Part 3 Body Maintenance Road Map

        p.10) SAS system

p.12 - Part 4 Shoulder routine

        p.12) Stretches (6 videos)
        p.14) Activations (7 videos)
        p. 15) Strengthen (7 videos)

p.18 - Part 5 Hip Routine

        p. 18) Stretches (6 videos)
        p. 20) Activations (7 videos)
        p. 21) Strengthen (7 videos)

p. 24 - My Mount Rushmore