The Resotoration Project: A Guide For Correcting Foot, Ankle, and Knee Mechanics

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The restoration project.PNG

The Resotoration Project: A Guide For Correcting Foot, Ankle, and Knee Mechanics


Over an hour worth of corrective exercise advice geared towards improving function and strength of the foot,ankle,and knee in order to prevent common ailments of the lower extremity.

Also covers topics of how to apply these concepts into your current training, shoe selection advice, and further educational materials.

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This E-book is dense piece of educational material that contains a FULL HOUR of embedded instructional videos covering everything from mobility drills, to strengthening and coordination drills for the foot, ankle, and knee.  On top of that, this book also goes into specific conditions and why those conditions occur (i.e plantar fasciitis, runners knee, etc).

There is also a section dedicated to teaching you how to incorporate these techniques into your current strength training routine to improve the results you're getting with your current training program. It also covers things to consider when purchasing shoes to ensure you're finding a shoe that works well with the current state of your foot.

Here is a peak at the table of contents so you can see what else this awesome resource contains.

Table of Contents

p.1 - Intro/How to Use This E-Book
p.3 - Anatomy and Dysfunction

p.6 - Common Conditions of the Foot, Ankle, and Knee
       p.8) The Hip and Foot Connection (2 Videos)

p.11 - The Exercise Library
       p.12) Mobility (8 videos)
       p.14) Strength and Motor Control (7 videos)

p.16 - Gym Considerations (4 Videos)
p. 18 - "What Shoes Should I be Wearing?"

p. 21 - Final Thoughts