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Nancy S.

(Low Energy)

"I could have been the poster child for low energy.  Over the last 3-4 year, I have tried every supplement, vitamin, power shake or smoothie recommended for increasing energy.  All of this is good, but until I visited Dr. Dunaway at ChiroStrength and began learning how important it is to move my body and move correctly, I did not see any improvement.  Now, after 5 weeks of being coached by Dr. Dunaway, I am seeing and feeling a difference.  The most dramatic improvement is that my low back pain is gone!  Thank you, Dr. Dunaway!"


(Shoulder Pain)

"I had done a triathlon and enjoyed it. Like competition. Went to Ft. Campbell to participate in a mud run adventure and hurt my shoulder bad (torn labrum they think, hard to know without MRI). I did some PT but then they said I needed a referral (no insurance, not happening). Met Dr. Dunaway @ Crossfit Solafide and kept in touch.  When ChiroStrength opened I signed up for a group training program.  He taught me proper form and how to know when to stop an exercise when I should.  I have referred many people, I highly recommend anyone who wants to get the best out of your efforts."

"I wish I had met someone like Dr. Dunaway before I wasted my time and money to get a surgery that did not leave my hip pain free.  With his chiropractic adjustments, personalized body maintenance and strengthening plan, and tips on changing the way I move, I am almost completely pain free after just 6 weeks.  Dr. Dunaway is nice and down to earth, very knowledgeable, and so helpful!  Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in a non-invasive, hands on solution to painful movement."

Chelsey H.

(Anterior Hip Popping and Pain)

"Dr. Dunaway is phenomenal! He helped me minimize pain by teaching me about movement not just making adjustments.  If you want to learn how to function and build strength, go here!!"

Rahshell D.

(Back Pain)

George B.

(Achilles Tendon/Plantar Fasciitis)

"What could have been an injury that plagued me for years became an injury that I overcame with knowledge and guidance from Dr. Dunaway.  A few months ago I hurt my achilles tendon training for a spartan beast and with weeks to go til the event he put me on the right course for healing and strengthening, setting me up for success.  Having just completed my first spartan trifecta putting my achilles tendon recovery to the test, I can honestly say I could not have done it without the guidance and expert advice given to me.  ChiroStrength is the real deal in training/recovery that is tailored specifically for you."

"I am a walking and talking billboard for ChiroStrength and Dr. Scott! I have been coming to him since he opened and am VERY impressed by him and his practice. I have literally been in pain for years with a reduced lack of motion on numerous areas (from shoulder to neck to back and hip) and through sessions with him and "after care", I have drastically seen a difference in my body energy and overall quality of life.  He uses a combination of multiple techniques and is extremely thorough in his explanations of the why and hows of body mechanics to explain what is causing the problem at hand.  This explanation is repeated in this "after care" in that he has you do small daily movements for which he even sends you personalized videos so you never get home and think "now how do I do that again?".  He is always there with a quick question and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be 100% again!

Melinda K.

(Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired)

"My experience at ChiroStrength has exceeded all my expectations.  From the very first visit, Dr. Dunaway was able to diagnose the imbalances that were causing me unneeded pain and gave me everything I needed to fix them so that I could get back to doing what I love pain free. He includes you in every aspect of treatment and ensures that you understand what is causing your problem, and how what he shows you will correct it.  Dr. Dunaway is more than your average chiropractor."

Hunter Walters

(Elbow Tendonitis)

"Dr. Dunaway is world class.  Hands down a pleasure to work with and pure class."

Taylor S.

(Personal Trainer)

"I am extremely blessed to be in the care of Dr. Dunaway!  He is such an asset to our community. An expert at what he does and no doubt he is doing what God has called him to do.  I am very grateful for all he has shown me and continues to show me."

Cristy A.


"Dr. Scott is impressive on so many levels.  His knowledge will amaze you and more than that is the personal care and real connection you'll have with him"

Norman Q.

(Back Pain While Traveling on Vacation)

"Dr. Dunaway has helped me be able to enjoy life again.  I have had to relearn how to do every day tasks.  Dr. Dunaway explains what is going inside the body as well as caters to your needs in a way that is understandable.  His goal is to help the best way he knows how.  I don't feel like just a number to him."

Rebecca B.

(Back Pain After Gastric Bypass Surgery)

"I had the pleasure of hobbling over to Scott in between events at the Season's Beatings competition in Clarksville.  I almost dropped out due to severe cramping but he was able to get me back into action for all 3 events.  Awesome guy, and explained everything in detail.  Thanks for the tips and help!"

Anthony H.

(Calf Pain)

Kyle J.


Dr. Dunaway will listen to you and help you obtain your goals in a healthy way keeping you safe while doing what every your hobby is.  Definitely stop by and check this place out."

"Scott Dunaway is one of the top 3 chiropractors in Clarksville, TN! Great guy and I love his concept of fixing and correcting the underlying cause of reoccurring problems instead of using the band-aid approach of adjustments alone."

Dawson D.


"dr dunaway is awesome! He listens and teaches you how to care for your body!! I am able to use the exercises daily keeping me up and moving!"

Brittney G.

(Headaches and Neck Pain)