ChiroStrength Active Release Techniques

ART is a hands-on case management system that allows for both diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries.  Soft tissues include muscle, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.  The majority of the injuries that are treated are those of the repetitive use nature.  Repetitive use can mean several things.  Some examples of repetitive injury is a golf swing, an assembly line worker,  a keyboard operator, or any job or hobby which requires you to perform the same motion, in the same body position, many times a day.  

The treatment has been crudely described as a combination between a stretch and a massage at the same time.  While this is not the greatest explanation, it may help you to visualize the method of treatment.  Targeting specific areas of injury, the practitioner is able to utilize the patient’s active motion, with tension from the practitioner’s manual contact, to improve the movement relationship between tissues, as well as improve perfusion to tissues who don’t have adequate blood flow.

In more simple terms, through hands on treatment, ART gets tissues “unstuck” which helps with a host of different issues including:

                  Neck/Back pain

                  Sciatic type symptoms

                  Plantar Fasciitis

                  Numb Hands

                  Tennis or golfers elbow

                  Old Sprain/strain

                  Shoulder/Knee pain

                  Frozen Shoulder

It is a fantastic, low risk, holistic option if you have an old injury and are looking to avoid surgery.  For one of the above injuries, it’s not uncommon to see a 50% resolution of symptoms in the first 2 visits.  This treatment is used in combination with the Adjustment each visit with Dr. Dunaway.