ChiroStrength Whole Body Vibration

There are many studies which have been done, and being done currently on whole body vibration therapy and the short/long term affects on postural stability, muscle activation, improved tissue healing, increasing bone density, and a many other potential benefits.  At the most basic level, Whole Body Vibration Therapy is done by having you step onto a platform that can vibrate at different intensities.  While on the vibration plate, the body adapts to the rapidly changing surface on which it is standing on and the aforementioned effects take place in the body due to these adaptations.

At ChiroStrength, our whole body vibration platform is used mainly for balance improvement and muscle activation.  Spending 5 minutes post treatment on the “Vib plate” will increase body awareness and balance which will allow the corrective exercises performed after this session to be more effective.

To look into the host of current research out there, go to the website below and search for the subject you are much interested in!