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Why ChiroStrength?


Why ChiroStrength?

Why ChiroStrength?

Teaching the Right Way, Not the Easy Way

My journey through the Healthcare field has been one of many lessons.  Lessons in communication with patients, lessons in treatment of patients, but most importantly, lessons in understanding where I offer the most value.  After 3 years of shaping my professional career, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  1. Our current healthcare model is failing.

  2. Not enough people are working to guide patients through the transition of being pain free into engaging exercise with low risk of re-injury.

  3. My calling is to teach.  Not just to make people feel better.

To make my first point, type this phrase into google search:

“World Health Organization – America’s Health statistics compared to other countries”. 

Spoiler alert, we spend the most on health care and have the overall worst rank (11/11) when compared to other developed countries.  Why is this?  In treating life threatening or traumatic injuries, westernized medicine and the advances in technology has made America the place to be for this type of care.  However, as smart and advanced as we’ve become, we have been unable to fully comprehend the complexity of the ecosystem that is our body.  Therefore, lifestyle diseases or disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, degenerative joint disease, and other spinal/joint pains, have been grossly mistreated due to our false sense of understanding.  Our current approach is symptom relief, which at best, simply muffles your body’s natural warning system that something needs to change.  By suppressing the symptoms we lure ourselves into thinking all is well and we go on about our business as usual until the next thing breaks down.  We take zero responsibility for the outcome of our lives and place the blame on “bad genes”.  Clearly genetics plays a role in our health, but you don’t have bad knees because they “run in the family.”  And the almost criminal component to all of this, is insurance pays for people to be sedated by the host of symptom suppressing drugs, but not for life changing habits like fitness or nutrition engagement.  This by far was my most frustrating lesson.

If you have received Chiropractic care, massage therapy, or physical therapy, only to have the exact same pain a year, months, or even weeks later, it was because there was no transition from being symptom free into a sustainable movement/exercise routine post treatment. Ever wonder why you always need massages in the same spot, or the same spot in your back keeps “slipping out”?  It is because of this lack of transition!  It is my opinion that the fitness industry, accompanied by chiropractic and physical therapy, makes much better sense at resolving musculoskeletal issues than any other combination.  Why?  Because the true answer to alleviating symptoms in the human body, is developing a solid foundation with which that body can move often (sometimes meaning exercise) without breaking down so easily.  Sadly this required time and lots of effort from both the professional and the patient and is not seen as practical enough to be covered by insurance.  It is a lack of healthy movement that is keeping us sick and in pain.  After all, the #1 reason for the development our brain’s outer cortex (you know, the part that distinguishes us from all other species), is for learning and application of movement.

And lastly, my passion for teaching.  I believe my patients thoroughly appreciate the amount of time I spend, not only with hands on treatment, but educating them about their issues and what THEY can do outside the clinic to accelerate their healing.  Though my experience, and also learning from my mentors in this profession, I believe the best thing I can be for my patients is be their teacher, not their “Doctor” (for the record “doctor” is derived from the Latin verb ‘docer’ which means “to teach”.)  The human body is an amazing vessel which can adapt and withstand huge amounts of insult, and also has an amazing resiliency to bounce back if put in the right conditions.  The most valuable thing I can do is teach a patient what these good conditions are, and how to avoid the bad conditions which result in pain and rapid degeneration.  With this knowledge, my treatment will be much more effective and longer lasting.

With this in mind, I have developed the Chiropractic and Fitness integrated facility; ChiroStrength.  I will use my background in Chiropractic, Active Release Technique, and biomechanics to address and eliminate as much dysfunction/pain in the joints and tissues as possible.  When we have accomplished this, the patient will be guided through programs designed to make them injury resistant by improving the quality of their movement.  My semi-private and group training programs are based on a brilliant quote from movement expert Ido Portal, “If you can not move your body and control it, then what business do you have moving other objects outside of your body.”  These programs are not designed for the purpose of losing weight, gaining muscle, or improving cardiovascular endurance, because all of these can only be accomplished with low risk after improving your movement literacy. To accomplish this, we use a combination of body weight and kettlebell training.  After going through my programs you can either return to your gym of choice with the confidence of being able to sustain your level of fitness with less risk of injury, or continue to be part of the ChiroStrength family and further your injury resistance and fitness goals.  The aesthetic results of fitness will come naturally if you have the ability to move well.  Because once you move well, you can move often, and when you move often you become stronger, regardless of where you’re starting from.   


For more information please find ChiroStrength on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.  I hope in the future I can help you in your journey to a pain free, active life!