Dr. Dunaway Offers two different options for Consulting and Corrective Exercise (Prehab) programming. Both options utilize some form of video conference (skype, FB messanger, Whatsapp, etc) and are followed up with e-mails with links to videos describing the drills we find are applicable to your case.

One Time Consult – 30 minute session

-          This option will allow us to go through your history, perform a movement assessment appropriate for your condition, and develop a general outline for a plan of attack to support proper healing and function.  Typically this includes a daily 10-15 minute routine and a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for the gym and/or sport. This includes a 7 day window of open e-mail communication to answer any questions, altering the program if needed to ensure maximal effectiveness.

4 Session Program – First 30 minute assessment with 3 follow up 20 min sessions

-          This option will essentially start with maintenance routines to support and facilitate pain relief for better function of problem area. However, with the follow up visits we begin to develop similar plans for areas that may not be symptomatic but leading to, or contributing to, the issues you are dealing with.  This program is great for long standing issues that seem to be spreading to other areas which makes engaging fitness with any degree of intensity very difficult. Help with programming restorative fitness aspects to your current training will also be covered over the course of the entire program with continued follow up online support. This program typically runs 10-12 weeks.


Restorative Fitness Programming is also available with the ChiroStrength Mobile App. Based on what you're fitness goals are, we now have the ability to structure an entire workout program, start to finish, based on your goals. This program can include everything from body weight only for those looking to stay at home and workout, to programming complex barbell lifts for those with access to total gyms.  Product suggestions for reasonable at home equipment to maximize your workout efficiency is also part of what this offers.  Programming includes:

3 Month Membership $65/month

6 Month Membership $58/month

12 Month Membership $50/month

Online Client Reviews:

Abyudh N : "Found his videos extremely informative and decided to engage his services for my shoulder injury. A video call meant for 20 min went for about an hour and he went into great depth of my problem, and gave a breakdown of what the status is right now, and how we move forward from there. Later on he shared his program details with specific video content and was even available for me to clear up further doubts after the session and sent another video addressing any other concerns I had. Prompt Response for any query as well as rehab/strength structure.

Joseph M : Scott has been amazing during the rehab process. We have been online clients for several months, and he has fixed issues that have had for several years, as well as helping with post surgery rehab for my girlfriend. She made more progress in 1 month with Scott compared to the 6 months of physical therapy. Thank you so much for your help!

Benjamin G : Turned what I though was permanent knee pain into a very minor inconvenience. 10/10 and recommending to all my friends in need. And this was all done through 4 skype sessions!

Talia L : Virtual real time communication and ongoing evaluation were very useful. I particularly liked the span of time allowed in between virtual appointments to help gauge progress. I have worked with a coach with a gymnastic background to help improve shoulder mobility. The approach that was used was very similar to Chirostrength in terms of structure but Chirostrength approach was much more caring and in depth.

Frequently Asked questions:

1) What conditions work best with online support?

          A:  When it comes to repetitive motion injuries or chronic nagging issues that don't qualify as an immediate medical emergency, this online consulting works great. Traumatic or post surgical cases don't work well with this set up, as hands on support is much better in those circumstances. Most people we work with online have had re-occurring injuries for years, but have never gotten any good advice with how to fix it. Just the classic temporary fixes or advice to "stop working out".

2) How can you help if you're not able to treat me?

          A: there are many reasons why a body can break down or have pain, but there are also certain ways a joint SHOULD be able to move, support load, and work within a system.  Regardless of the reason behind the pain, deficiencies in your movement patterns can be detected by specific tests. This can be visualized via a video conference call, and strategies to correct these deficiencies can be programmed. Bottom line, pain won't remain in a system that moves well!

3) Can You Read My MRI or X-Ray?

          A: No further diagnosis or evaluation of imaging will be made online, we will save that for the radiologists. We will be happy to read a report that assists your imagining, but our main concern is not what the structure looks like at rest, but how it functions in the context of movement and exercise.

4) What if this doesn't help?

          A: There is no guarantee that this coaching will get you 100% over your issues. There is always a possibility that hands on work will be needed in the case of long standing issues. However, if we work diligently to take care of the deficiencies we find with our consults, the body will respond better to form of manual care because many of kinks have been taken out of the system. The reason many people don't respond well to, or only have short lived results with Chiropractic and Massage, is because the corrections to tissues (hardware) are made in a system with to many movement (software) deficiencies.