Movement Literacy

Why Training the Brain Is the Key

If you move with pain, you don’t have a fitness problem, you have a health problem, and this health problem is not caused by an aspirin deficiency but a movement deficiency.  Meaning, you can get the best therapy in the world, but you won’t become resistant to injury by getting your parts work on over and over unless you retrain your brain to move those parts. 

A term everyone should become familiar with is “Movement Literacy”.  Just like reading literacy, there are basic skills needed in order to further your potential. Mastering the basis of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure will allow you to further your educational journey. 

Movement is no different.  Much like reading, movement literacy is brain training, making sure you are recruiting the proper muscles to perform daily tasks. With this better body awareness, you can manifest that literacy in any fitness arena you wish with a much lower risk of injury.  However, without this literacy, simple every day activity is an injury risk, and stepping into a gym with poor movement literacy is a recipe for injury.

With this in mind, you can appreciate the real solution to pain is much more internal than external. It becomes less about outside treatment, and more about finding proper education so you can be coached into better movement.  You can achieve symptom relief from drugs, massage therapy, chiropractic, or physical therapy, but if your movement literacy is low, none of those will correct the brains autopilot which is currently stressing your tissues to the point of pain. It’s very important to understand that all of these therapies have their place in supporting health, but they are your support, not your foundation. You can strengthen and lengthen muscles/tissues all day, but ultimately it's the brain that will either recruit these muscles and tissues in a way that keep them healthy or over stressed.

So finally I’ll issue this challenge:

Be proactive and seek out a trusted source to get educated on what your movement deficiencies are.  Become a student of being pain free and be open to getting coached to improve your movement skills!  Once this is accomplished, your training will become your rehab.

Move well. Move often. Be strong!

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